responsive website

Responsive website for the firm founded in 2012 on the initiative of Jan Tuszewski – a graduate of the Faculty of Painting Academy of Fine Arts. Over time, the small business freelancerskiej evolved into a family company providing creative solutions for companies, cultural institutions and individuals. The main area of ​​activity is the creation of artistic concepts, graphic design logos and overall corporate identities, design publications, typesetting, creating illustrations, paintings, sculptures, as well as the organization of exhibitions and actions. Recently intensively we enter into the world of animation. Everything connected with the joyful creativity combined with a reliable test and iron logic is our element. Thanks to the large span of qualifications of the members of our family, and a wide range of talented friends, we are able to meet any challenge.

Coding: Agnieszka Flasińska
Graphic design, graphic design: Jan Tuszewski