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Allrad Nord

Responsive online shop for German company Allrad nord that sells parts for off-road vehicles. Creating a logo that reflects the versatility of offroad vehicles.

Basic features: responsive online store.
  • Catalog
  • Shipment
  • Products
  • Order
  • Taxes
  • Marketing
  • Analytics
Administration store:

– define the powers of administrators the ability to allocate personalized privileges for each administrator individually,
– multistore, the ability to manage multiple stores from a single administrative panel,
– flexibility in the use of applications for integration with external systems (payment, accounting, auction, CRM and many others)
– full freedom of creation of unique graphic design shop, allowing you to assign individual pages to another graphic or define other garments at appropriate intervals,
– the ability to manage multiple languages,
– the ability to use multiple currencies.

Managing categories and products:

– possibility of defining any number of categories and subcategories
– any quantity of products along with the ability to assign multiple categories,
– wholesale import / export product from CSV files,
– integration with programs that support inventory type like Subiekt,
– inventory management including the determination of minimum and maximum levels of inventory,
– the ability to edit meta tags on each level of the tree categories and for individual products,
– the possibility of assigning different prices for different customer groups,
– tax rates depend on the type of product or group of customers,
– different types of products (normal, group (with the option to select the size, color, or other characteristics), combined (two or more positions).
– virtual products (eg. Music, e-books, services)
– establishing a long and a short description
– the ability to define a set of characteristics (attributes) in the product (eg. A manufacturer, size, color)
– you can attach any number of product images,
– the ability to set a custom cost of shipping dependent on the weight or product,
– definition of related products and alternative products,
– automatic scaling of uploaded images,
– allocating a watermark to your photos,
– simple search and advanced (by attributes) at the store,
– accept, edit and delete tags and product reviews,
– the ability to add files to the product (eg. Manual, technical specifications, drivers)


– full of history and statistics of orders and reporting,
– full configurability options of payment and type of delivery,
– the ability to print invoices and waybills
– getting to the order by order number, date, customer data, the sum of the contract or its status,
– any defining stages of the contract related to the information sent to the client,
– the creation of one or more invoices (shipments) Order allowing partial execution of the contract,
– notification of new orders by e-mail and RSS feed
– a comprehensive order management from the administrative panel,
– editing of orders from the administration panel.

Delivery and payment:

– Free delivery option (for a specified amount of the contract or as a promotion)
– Delivery to multiple destinations for a single contract,
– Informing the customer about the number Waybill,
– Credit card payment,
– Integration with installment (eg. Sail)
– Integration with payment gateways (eg. DotPay, etc.)
– Various delivery methods: mail, courier, personal collection, personal transport,
– Basic forms of payment: payment on account, payment on delivery,
– Delivery costs, depending on the (weight and place of delivery, the contract value and place of delivery, quantity and place of delivery of products).

Statistics and reporting:

– reports on clients according to the number and total orders,
– statistics search in a search engine,
– abandoned shopping,
– sales reports taking into account the number of orders, the size of accrued taxes, delivery costs, the size allocated etc.,
– reports Product: best selling, most viewed, low level storage products in the basket,
– integration with Google Analytics
– RSS feeds are new: orders, products, reviews.

Marketing Tools:

– friendly links for search engines,
– Newsletter,
– probes and surveys,
– proposing other products in the same category (in the basket)
– proposing additional products (product page)
– promotional kits consisting of two or more products,
– integration with price comparison sites such Ceneo, Knockout, etc.
– integration with Ebay,
– views recently viewed products and the products being compared,
– my wishlist,
– comparison of selected products,
– ladder pricing – different prices for different quantities of products,
– discount coupons allocated according to the needs of the product, order, customer groups,
– free delivery option (for a group of products or for orders of a certain value of the basket)
– support for positioning,
– notification function friend
– URL rewriting (URL rewrite, shortening addresses pages)
– rSS feeds for new: products, promotions and category
– automatically generated site map.
– google site map.

Allrad Nord is an official partner and a major importer of Ironman 4×4, EFS4wd, Rival, Snake4x4, Horntools in Germany.


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